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Join our Voluntary Leadership Program

Join our Voluntary Leadership Program House of Learning provides services for underachieved and underprivileged children and their families in Hong Kong. We also serve needy children, orphans and families in China, especially those living in rural and remote areas.


Through organizing a strong, continual voluntary leadership team in which members are able to receive regular trainings, we hope to contribute more to our society.


Under this program, we hope to build a strong and ongoing support for our charity work in Hong Kong and China. We will also provide regular trainings so that we can best serve our beneficiaries and the society!


If you are interested in charity work, we would love to have you join us.

Volunteer Testimonials

Cheryl Chan Open Brain Class Volunteer 2012 September-November


Today I went to the drama with my children. On the way to the theater, I asked the children: [You forget that this brain enrichment session is over, do you want to wait until January to start?] The child replied to me: [Why stop? January?] I said: [Because sister Anita has been busy for these two months, I can’t teach you!] But, I didn’t expect them to say this: [You can teach it!] At that moment, as a volunteer, I am very pleased and happy. I am not a child or them. I can’t say anything on behalf of them. I can feel it from my perspective. In just a few days, the children have already liked the brain-enrichment  classes organized by the HOL. I don’t know if they can. How much knowledge they get and how much help is brought to them, but every time I see children make progress I’m really happy. Every time I’m with children, they make progress, and they also get it. In fact, it’s also helping others. Help oneself!

Zhang JunyiYouth Mainland Investigation Group2009


I admire Nao’s House very much. I have participated in countless volunteer groups before. Generally, I went to those areas only once or twice, and then I didn’t contact. But Nao’s House has always been in contact with the corresponding places in the Mainland. I really appreciate it. , This is also the reason why I like everyone very much, because I have been moved many times, so I really want to work hard to serve the children with you in the HOL. 

Jieyang Christmas Love Tour 2009


This is the happiest and most meaningful Christmas I have had in 15 years!  胡欣


I have experienced a lot in person, and I understand how happy I am!-Michelle Lung

Kevin from Learning Camp 2009


Hello, everyone! I am KEVIN, one of the members who helped the HOL organize the learning camp. In fact, I really got a lot from the Learning Camp this time. For example, if go to Sham Shui Po district to meet a group of children with relatively poor family backgrounds, these experiences are very rare.  And when you organize a learning camp, you will get a lot of experiences, which are useful for life, such as leadership skills, communication skills with team members, and communication and contact with different people outside the world. All of these have benefited me a lot. Through the contact with children, I have gain a lot especially their way of thinking, which makes me have a lot of reflection. In fact, the  Learning Camp of the HOL is a very meaningful activity, and I am also very involved. I hope you can support the future activities of the HOL. 

Rita Super learning camp2009


I am very happy to participate in the Social Responsibility Service Program jointly organized by the HOL and the University of Science and Technology. In fact, it is the first time that I have met a group of children from Sham Shui Po, and I have a better understanding of this place in Sham Shui Po. At the same time, I am also very happy to be able to work with 20 HKUST friends. By cooperating with them, I have improved my communication and problem-solving skills. I think it is a rare experience to organize this super learning camp. This experience encourages me to participate in more activities organized by social enterprises and better serve the society in the future

Join Us! 

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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